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Vancouver Gift Baskets

All throughout the year, we have special occasions and events where giving gift baskets is appropriate, with birthdays for family and friends, anniversaries, holidays, and more. Sometimes, we give gift baskets for no reason other than to say thank you or show appreciation.

At Pure Gift Boxes, we understand how difficult it can sometimes be to find the perfect gift, so we make it easy for you. Not only can you quickly and easily find and send marvellous gifts, but you can also do so knowing that you are helping small local businesses with your Vancouver gift baskets.


With a wide selection of specialty items, we can help you send perfect custom gift baskets for virtually any occasion. Here are some reasons to consider sending gift baskets from Pure Gift Boxes:

Sending a Gift Basket Is Easy and Saves You Time

For many gift-givers, finding the right item for the right person can be challenging. We can spend hours wandering from store to store, looking for the one thing that catches our eye, a specific item that we know is just right for giving. Perhaps we also look online, clicking our way through dozens of sites but never quite satisfied with what we find. Sometimes we can even feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available.

At Pure Gift Boxes, we offer a selection of themes so that you can send unique gift baskets. Whether you are sending a selection of delicious snacks, a self-care package, or gourmet gift baskets for movie night at home, we’ve got you covered.

With Pure Gift Boxes, You Are Supporting Local Businesses

Not only do we look for the most unique, highest quality items for our gift baskets, but we also do so by working with businesses in our area, so that while you are busy giving, you are also giving back to the community.

Your purchase helps keep small businesses going at a time when the market is increasingly dominated by the big players. Sending Vancouver gift baskets is a great way to demonstrate community pride.

You Can Help the Environment, Too!

There’s a lot to love in British Columbia, not the least of which is the environment. We all want to do our part to keep our planet clean and by choosing eco-friendlier packaging, you can do so with your gift baskets. It’s a small and simple step that can add up to big changes over time.

We Are Committed to Your Satisfaction

At Pure Gift Boxes, we are proud of our local community, its small businesses, and the products they create. We work hard to find the best our area has to offer so that you can feel confident that the gift baskets you send will be a hit with the recipient.

Whatever your gift-giving needs, we have the Vancouver gift basket for you! We have custom gift boxes to tailor to your specific needs.

Browse our selection and see for yourself! At Pure Gift Boxes, we make gift-giving easy and rewarding. 

Gift Delivery Details

For Deliveries to Vancouver (Inc. North & West Van) Burnaby, Squamish & Whistler ONLY- You may choose one of the available delivery dates on the calendar during checkout process. 

For ALL other locations in the Lower Mainland B.C., and to the remainder of Canada, an "estimated" delivery date will be provided on check out.


Browse our selection of themed gift boxes today or choose from among our curated products to create the ultimate, personalized gift. We make both options simple and enjoyable for a great gift-giving experience! Shop online and pick your delivery dates now!     

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