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When we think of gift giving, we tend to think of birthdays and certain holidays, but there is never a bad time to give Squamish gift baskets.

When we think of gift giving, we tend to think of birthdays and certain holidays, but there is never a bad time to give Squamish gift baskets.

Sometimes we want to express appreciation for the hard work someone has done or to congratulate them on a particular accomplishment. Sometimes we even give gift baskets just to say we care and those can be some of the best gift baskets of all. We promise our gift baskets won't disappoint!

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But as fun as it can be to give gift baskets to people we care for, it can also be challenging. Most of us know someone who “has everything they want,” or someone who is a bit fussy. Finding the right gift basket for them can be challenging and time-consuming.

After spending hours wandering from store to store in a crowded shopping mall, or staring at a computer screen while we stroll through countless gift ideas that just don’t cut it, we may find ourselves wishing for a personal assistant to help us with our shopping.

Pure Gift Boxes can help with your gift basket needs, from our wide selection of specialty items, Squamish gift baskets can provide you with the perfect gift basket for virtually any occasion.


Top Reasons to turn to Pure Gift Boxes when you need to send a gift basket:

We Save You Time with Pre-Curated Gift Boxes

If you are struggling to find the right gift basket for that special someone, a coworker, a friend, or anyone else on your list, we can help. We offer a selection of gift boxes, themed to specific occasions or purposes. You’ll find the right gift baskets for a quiet night at home with streaming movies, self-care and spa days, or simple but delicious snacking. Whatever you need, you’ll find it, or if you prefer, create your own custom gift box.

With Your Help, We Support Local Small Business with Our Gift Baskets

 Big corporations are everywhere you look, but small local businesses can provide you with unique and high-quality gift ideas and gift baskets. That’s why we select products from small businesses in our community. Whether you choose a pre-curated box or build your own, you’ll be helping local business owners who otherwise may not be able to compete with the giant retailers. Sending a Squamish gift basket from Pure Gift Boxes is a great way to show community pride while giving high-quality gift baskets that you won’t find anywhere else.

It Helps Our Environment

There’s been a major focus on the environment in recent years and we all want to do our part. That’s why Pure Gift Boxes offers eco-friendlier options that can help to protect our beautiful local environment and the world beyond. It may seem like a small contribution, but every step counts on our journey to a cleaner future. Speak to us about gift basket delivery in Squamish. Learn more about our mission with sustainable gift baskets.

Building Stronger Relationships with Clients Or Colleagues

An effective means of building or strengthening relationships is definitely through the use of gift-giving. People will appreciated and well cared for when gifts can be given in recognition of past accomplishments, in celebration of a new venture, or for a variety of other reasons. View the gift options for Squamish and Whistler region. Browse our corporate gift baskets. We deliver in Squamish. Shop online now!

Customer Retention and Satisfaction

Business competition is high and customers have more choices than ever before. Your customers want to feel good about the companies to which they give their hard-earned money invested in. They will happily move on if they feel that they are not appreciated for their business. Gift-giving is a means of expressing your appreciation to them and can foster feelings of loyalty, encouraging them to continue doing business with you year over year. Browse corporate gift ideas now!

Motivating Employees

More than ever before employees, like customers, want to feel appreciated. When they feel appreciated and noticed for their individual efforts, it speaks volume for future motivation. Since your employees are the backbone of your company and it’s their efforts that fuel your success, acknowledging a work anniversary or the successful completion of an important task can boost morale significantly and contribute to a more positive work environment. View corporate gifts now!

Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

At Pure Gift Boxes, we are committed to your satisfaction. We work hard to provide you the best, high-quality local products and gift baskets that you will be proud to give and your recipient will be thrilled to receive. All the orders are custom made from hand-picked local BC vendors. Your clients or friends will love the experience of having a special delivery.

Speak to us about custom price options for larger order. Create custom gift boxes to the extra personal touch!

What Kind of products can I order?

We offer a variety of local BC products delivered to your friends, family, colleagues or clients. Products can include; chocolates, drinks, wines, nuts, fruit, and so much more! Browse our website for wonderful combinations of treats that are sure to delight the senses.

With custom gift basket order, we might not be able to accommodate for same day delivery but we certainly build the gift baskets as quickly as possible and offer convenient delivery in Squamish. No matter what the occasion—or even for no occasion at all—look to Pure Gift Boxes for your Squamish gift basket needs!

How to order custom Squamish Gift Baskets?

To order custom Squamish gifts, browse our website for product options, order online and enjoy the enthusiam when your custom gift arrives. Questions about your order? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Order today online now!

    Boosting Brand Awareness and Your Company Reputation

Customers want to feel good about doing business with a quality company like yours. Many will go online to research a business before dealing with them, ensuring that their values are in alignment. A company that engages in corporate gift-giving can boost its reputation, being seen as one that cares about and recognizes the value of others. It speaks well of your dealings with both business partners and clients. Shop online now for hand-selected gift basket products that the receiver will love. Browse corporate Christmas gift ideas now!

Pure Gift Boxes, Your Partner in Squamish Gift Baskets

Some companies may give out pens and mugs and call it a day, but giving a unique gift box from Pure Gift Boxes shows your devotion to unique, quality gifts. We carefully select products from local small businesses, so that your gift not only pleases the recipient but also helps support business owners in our area. We offer fast delivery service of the gift baskets to celebrate an occasion. 

Show your community pride while providing your customers, employees, and partners with something truly special from Pure Gift Boxes. Browse our selection of pre-curated gift boxes local gift basket products, or build your own with company branding available.

Our fast delivery methods will impress! Simply pick the gift basket of hand selected products that you would like along with the delivery location. When the basket gift arrives you will make someones day. Delivery in Squamish is available. Learn about our convenient delivery options.

At Pure Gift Boxes, we make it easy to give Squamish gift baskets!

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Gift Delivery Details

For Deliveries to Vancouver (Inc. North & West Van) Burnaby, Squamish & Whistler ONLY- You may choose one of the available delivery dates on the calendar during checkout process. 

For ALL other locations in the Lower Mainland B.C., and to the remainder of Canada, an "estimated" delivery date will be provided on check out.


Browse our selection of themed gift boxes today or choose from among our curated products to create the ultimate, personalized gift. We make both options simple and enjoyable for a great gift-giving experience! Shop online and pick your delivery dates now! 


    - Quickest turn around time option.
    - No minimum requirements for actual boxes if including products from our current inventory.
    - Delivers Canada Wide
    - Speak to us about custom gift boxes curated to your preference.


    Minimum order of 10 gifts
    - Lead time 3 weeks minimum from when design is approved.
    - Delivers Canada Wide.


    No minimum requirements if including products from our current inventory.
    - With or without Branded Box Labels.
    - Minimum 1 week turnaround with no branding. Min 3 weeks for branded box labels from when design is approved.
    - Delivers Canada Wide.
    **Supplies limited. Inquire for quantities.


    Minimum order of 25 gifts
    - Lead time 3 weeks minimum with custom box label once design is approved.
    - Learn more about choosing client gifts
    - Available for delivery only to Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton & the entire Metro Vancouver area.


    Minimum order of 50 gifts

    - Branded or Non-Branded

    - Browse Ideas For Event Gifts

    - Lead time 3 weeks minimum once design is approved.

    - Available for delivery only to Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton & the entire Metro Vancouver area.


    Minimum order of 25 gifts
    - Lead time 2 weeks minimum from design approval.


    Minimum order of 10 gifts
    - Service Fee per swag item/per box is dependent on type & size of item that you wish to include.

Ready to create a memorable impact and WOW your valuable clients with Squamish gift baskets?

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