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Adding YOUR Liquor or Branded Products

Adding YOUR Liquor or Branded Products

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Any paper marketing material such as business cards or post cards are free of charge to include! But I am also thrilled to offer you a service that will allow you to include your own branded products such as a mug or liquor.

It takes a great amount of time & care to logistically receive, and curate, your provided liquor and branded products into gift boxes that you will be thrilled to send.

Fulfillment fees start at $5/box, to include your items, depending on logistics and size of the product. Please contact me for further details or to discuss your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Products curated into gift boxes that are supplied by the client, and not purchased directly by pure gift boxes, are not covered by pure gift boxes insurance and therefor pure gift boxes cannot be held liable for any breakage or loss of any kind of these provided products.