Hello! Thanks for dropping into my gifting studio. Please read the description of pre-curated gifts as it has been a very buys gifting season so there may be some product substitutions listed. I invite you to click HERE to check the FAQs on ordering so that we can get you gifting today!

Holiday Gifts for Warringtong PCI Management

As it was late on a Friday when we spoke, I have put these products on the list but please note the following.

Items I currently 100% have enough of or know that I can get:






Salted Caramel Bar

Drinking Cordials

Items that they had enough in stock at time that I spoke to them on Friday:

Black Salt Truffle

Drinking Cordial

She would need to know flavor by Monday. It does make a nice substitution instead of wine as it can be enjoyed by adults to mix drinks but also fun for mocktails for kids. My kids love it!

Dream Catcher Pillow Spray/Deep Breath

I only have about 50 left as it is popular but so is the Deep Breath and we could mix them. I will have some on order but their turn around right now is about 2 weeks so not possible for this order. But I would suggest a mix. Those with colds also use deep breath on their pillow. 

Bath Salts

It would be a mix of recover and indulge. 

Notes from Kai:

I forgot to let you know the total numbers. I currently have 59 confirmed (but may need an additional 5-7 for a total of 64-66).

Thanks for the updates! I still have to check with our president to confirm the items, but below is my proposed list that I will send him today:

Proposed List:

  • Bag with logo $18 Or kraft Gift Box $18 with logo plus $2 more per box with ribbon.
  • Frostbites Drinking Cordial 375ml instead of wine?
  • Orange Marmalade $13
  • Champagne Gumdrops $9
  • Salted Caramel Bar $7
  • Almond Butter Crunch $9
  • Black Truffle Salt $21
  • Mix of Dream Catcher Pillow Spray and Deep Breath Essential Oil Spray $9
  • Bath Salts? $8
  • Citrus Soleil soap $9


  • Crab Pate $10 - Not available as Sea Change has min order of 72 cans at a time. 

The other option is to have more of the local products in lieu of a wine this year (but will need to check with our managers). If that was the case I was thinking of adding:

  • Organic Wellness Tea $9
  • Cordial (we did key lime and mint last year – what are the other flavor options?) $16 or $7.50
  • Caramel Popcorn $9
  • Bath Salts $8

 Few questions for you before I send him my email:

  • Tote Bags
    • Would all the above items fit in the tote bag assuming we purchase a wine to include as well?
    • Last year we had the tags on the bags where we stuck the labels to shows the names of clients (if it’s a personal delivery) or the client names + address (for our couriers). Due to the short turnaround time, I think its best if I just stick them on once they are in our office.
    • We also have a Christmas card that we insert into the bags (just like last year). Again, with the short turnaround time I think I would have to include it in myself as the cards are still being circulated for signing (and its much tougher this year as staff are only in the office 1 day a week right now due to COVID). L
  • Kraft Boxes
    • I am also going to propose the kraft box since it is an eco friendly and will likely have more space for items. Just wondering how much this would cost including the label (belly label and log label). Would this be possible in the short turnaround time?
    • As I would still need to put the client names/addresses on the front for the couriers, I am thinking of sticking the card envelope at the top of the box for easy reading/delivery. I am open to your ideas though, you are far more creative than I am. J
    • **If you are unable to provide me the cards by Nov. 27th, then Yes, I actually think with the boxes, you could simply stick the card right on top of the box. On the outside of the box you could put labels on the outside of the card with the person's name and delivery address info.