IMPORTANT DELIVERY NOTICE: Current available delivery dates are as follows - SQUAMISH/VANCOUVER/WHISTLER: Monday March 30th & Wednesday April 1st. All other orders will be couriered the day after they have been ordered.

Friends & Family Discounted Gourmet Food

Xoco Bars -  $6 (normally $8)

Luv the Grub Chai Apple Spread - $8 (normally $11)

Melliferas Lemon Infused Honey - $8 (normally $11)

Frostbites Drinking Cordial Large size Blackberry Ginger or Key Lime & Mint - $10 (normally $15)

Frostbites Drinking Cordial small - $4.50 (normally $6.5)

**e-transfer to my personal email or cash. No tax! I will deliver to you.